NAMI’s primary responsibility in terms of research is to ensure that people affected by mental health conditions, the individual and their families, have access to the most current information regarding mental health conditions and their treatments. This includes sharing new insights from research in brain science, genetics, treatment options including medications and other discoveries.


NAMI is committed to ensuring that the most effective treatments for mental illness are available to those who need them. Many different factors in our biology and our physical and social environments affect how mental illnesses develop, how they respond to various treatments, and how those affected can face challenges or find success in their treatment and recovery. Research is vital to help us understand these factors and their complex interactions. Because of the answers research can provide, it is a powerful source of hope for people experiencing mental health conditions and their families.


NAMI is supportive of research that will lead to novel and effective treatments for people with mental illness. This support includes ongoing advocacy for research that will improve the lives of individuals and their families. It also includes informing people of ongoing research on various therapies, including clinical trials for new medications.


We also honor innovative work in the field of mental health research with the NAMI Scientific Research Award each year. In addition, NAMI collaborates with key research stakeholders and leading experts from academia, industry, government and private institutions to lead a unified call for better, more advanced treatment.


If you have a mental health condition, taking part in a clinical trial is one way to advance treatment and research for people today and in the future. The website offers a listing of available trials. If you are interested in participating a study, make sure that you can answer the following questions.

  • Has an institutional review board (IRB) approved the study?
  • What is the study about?
  • What will you be asked to do in the study?
  • What risks might you face?
  • Whom do you contact with questions, concerns or problems?
  • How will you be kept informed about the progress and results of the study?

You should fully understand the project and your role in it before signing an informed consent document. Do not participate in studies you do not fully understand. Remember that all participation in research is voluntary and is not part of your treatment.

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Research News

Read the latest stories on genetics, new treatments, healthy living, and more from trusted sources.

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Topics of interest

Mental health research includes a wide range of topics, from analyzing DNA in a laboratory to learning about empathy and communication in a neighborhood barbershop.

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Research on nami programs

NAMI partners with researchers to conduct formal studies on our national programs and presentations to ensure that they are valuable and effective.

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