Share Your Story

Share your story with NAMI Long Beach Area, and we may feature it on our website or in an upcoming issue of our monthly Newsletter!

  • Telling our own story can help to explain the challenges related to serious illness.
  • Sharing can be empowering and healing for the storyteller. 
  • Sharing personal stories of recovery and hope can help to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.  

Confidentiality is important to us. There is an option to request that your story be published anonymously. 


Here are just a few questions to ponder that might help you create your story:

  1. What was life like before you or your loved one started experiencing mental health symptoms?
  2. What cultural background (s), ethnicity (ies) or race (s) do you identify with?
  3. What were the symptoms and how did they affect your life, work, family & relationships?
  4. What was the diagnosis and how did you react when the diagnosed was given?
  5. How did you come to accept your diagnosis and treatment options?
  6. What does recovery look like for you or your loved one today?
  7. How did your family, friends and loved ones react to the diagnosis?
  8. In general, how does your community view mental illness?
  9. What efforts have you made to educate others about mental health?
  10. Are you a NAMI member? If so, what affiliate? Where does NAMI fit in your recovery story?