NAMI Long Beach Leadership

Our dedicated grassroots leaders keep NAMI Long Beach running. Our leaders include our board of directors, class instructors, presenters, support group facilitators, executive administrators, and coordinators: All tirelessly help to support and grow our organization and serve communities of Long Beach and surrounding regions.

2019-2020 NAMI Long Beach Board of Directors

An annual election is held by active NAMI Long Beach members, and a Board of Directors is elected. Also during the annual election, members can submit bylaws, amendments and resolutions for consideration.


With input from all active members, the Board of Directors make policy to govern NAMI Long Beach, determine NAMI Long Beach's official position on matters of public policy, set the budget and priorities of the Long Beach chapter, and develop strategic plans to guide organizational development.


If you would like to raise an issue or bring a question to the NAMI Long Beach Board of Directors, please contact them at Your email will route to a NAMI Long Beach staff member who will ensure the information is passed to the relevant Board member, committee chair, or staff person, if staff is better equipped to provide a faster response.


Belinda Rabano



Marilyn 'Chelle' Thomas

Carolyn Hong



Annie Felix


Jeff Watkins



Ken Caldwell

Bina DelaTorre

Paula Gibb

Judy Logue

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